• Sliced Stable
  • 'Thewoods that see and hear' is an exhibition of contemporary art atdertien hectare (13 ha), a former farm that is now a regeneratingforest area. The exhibition responds to the immediate surroundings ofdertien hectare, in the south of the Netherlands, an area that hasgone through significant social, economic and ecological changes inrecent decades. For the exhibition, with artworks from Dutch andinternational artists, Overtreders W designed a hospitality space,Sliced Stable.

    WithSliced Stable, we wanted to re-erect an icon of the Brabantlandscape, the barn, and give it a new function. The pavilioncontains a bar, a small library and a long table where 28 people caneat, drink, talk, read and observe the surrounding landscape. SlicedStable was made of wood, shrink film and recycled furniture parts.