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Personal experimentation.
Experimental - Abies Alba Miller
Silver fir Abies alba, spruce fir Picea excelsa and yew Taxus baccataare rare in the whole Apenine mountain chain and only survive inreduced and fragmented relict populations. These relict populations notonly constitute genetically different races in the Apenines, but theyalso differ from those found in the Alps.

It is an ornamental and timber speciesthat is native to Europe and Asia. It is a lofty tree, sometimesreaching 45 m (150 feet) in height, with large, spreading, horizontalboughs curving upward toward their extremities. The silver fir isabundant in most of the mountain ranges of southern and central Europe,but it is not found in the northern parts of that continent. Extensiveforests of the silver fir are found on the southern Alps, and the treeis plentiful in the Rhineland and on the Apennine and Pyrenees ranges.