Skullified Celebrities

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  • Skullified celebrities are a part of a new series called Skull:z: & Idols.
    For this series I work in different tools, such as Sculptris for Sculpting the models, rendering in blender and Photoshop for the postwork.
    Skull:z: & Idols is an Iconography-series of popular personalities, this concept explores the relationship between success and superficialities.

    “When facing death we all become equal”
    Skull:z: n idols portfolio:
  • Below: Heino - Skullified
  • Below: GaGa - Skullified
  • Below: Lincoln - Skullified
  • Below: Warhol - Skullified
  • Below Skullified H.R. Giger
  • This series will be updated as new works are finished.
    You can leave your mark by suggesting your favorite celebrity to be considered, thanks in advance!