Skopje - City of Solidarity

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  • Skopje - City of Solidarity
    This project is designed on the workshop for contemporary jewelery organised trough the Programme for Creative Industries implemented by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia. The title of the workshop was Skopje - Ultra Modern City. Having in mind that breaking point of the city architecture was in 1965 we took mainly the symbols of that time. 
    Skopje the capital city of Republic of Macedonia on July 26, 1963 has suffered huge earthquake, an 6.1 moment magnitu
    de earthquake that killed over 1,070 people, injured between 3,000 and 4,000 and left more than 200,000 people homeless. About 80 percent of the city was destroyed. The tremor lasted for 20 seconds and was felt mostly along the Vardar River Valley. Within days after the earthquake took place, 35 nations requested that the United Nations General Assembly place relief for Skopje on their list of agendas. Relief, in the form of money, medical, engineering and building teams and supplies was offered from 78 countries.For example, UK-based engineer Demetrius Comino provided Dexion building frame materials to enable 49 Royal Engineers to build 1560 dwellings, enough for two complete villages, one of which was nicknamed Dexiongrad. The famous artist Pablo Picasso donated his painting Head of a Woman (1963), which was exhibited in the new post-earthquake Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje.

    In 1965, Kenzo Tange
    was asked by the United Nations to enter a limited competition for the redevelopment of Skopje, after which Tange won 60% of the prize while the Yugoslav team won the remaining 40%. However, Tange's plan for Skopje (one of his major works) remains partly implemented, namely the New Skopje Railway Station and the so-called City Wall.
  • Monumet of the Victimes of Skopje Earthquake in 1963 - Chain
  • "Skopje suffered unheard-of disaster, yet Skopje will be rebuilt again. With the help of our whole community, Skopje will become the boast and the symbol of Brotherhood and Unity, of Yugoslav and global solidarity." -  TITO 
  • Map of the Center of Skopje - The Heart of Skopje - Brooch
  • The Liberators of Skopje - monument in center of Skopje, by Ivan Mirkovich, 1949 - Brooch & Chain
  • Part of the landscape with Museum of Macedonia and Mustapha Pasha Mosque (15th century monument) - Chain
  • The Liberators of Skopje - monument in center of Skopje, by Ivan Mirkovich, 1949 - earrings
  • Diagram of architecture activities in Skopje from 1965 to 2014
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