Skolar Gujarati

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  • Skolar Gujarati
    A typeface for complex typography

  • Skolar Latin is a text serif, originally designed with scholarly and multilingual publications in mind. The typeface maintains its credibility while incorporating a subtle personal style, neither neutral nor conspicuous. Prominent serifs and low-contrast modulation add to its robustness, and, together with a relatively large x-height, improves the typeface’s readability in small sizes.

    Skolar Gujarati has been designed as a companion to the Latin keeping the nuances and characteristics of the Gujarati script foremost while providing a complementary design for multi-script typography. Primarily intended as a robust, energetic text typeface, Skolar Gujarati addresses the needs of serious typography.

    This 4-style family is flexible enough for complex text settings and editorial work. It also becomes distinctive in bigger sizes, fitting the demands of corporate design. The typeface provides an extensive range of conjuncts.
    It covers almost all meaningful bi-consonantal conjuncts and frequent tri-consonantal and quadri-consonantal conjuncts used in Gujarati language and common loanwords.

    See the complementary designs: Pan-European (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek) and Devanagari.

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