Skol Rebrand
The brief said to walk into any major supermarket, choose a brand that we didn’t like, then re-brand, re-design and re-package it.

The brief stated: NO LIMITS, ANYTHING GOES.

With this being said I was immediately attracted as I knew I would be able to complete a project like no other before, exploring and pushing the boundaries of graphic design. The product I chose to re - brand was ‘SKOL’. I chose this because I think the current branding is terrible, from the logo, to the packaging. With the brief stating ‘NO LIMITS ANYTHING GOES’ I decided to do a project that completely twisted the rules. I intended to re - brand SKOL and use under age teens that drink on the streets as my target audience (15 - 17 year olds).
Logo Design.
Packaging Designs - Graffiti style suits the teenage target audience.
Billboard Design - Alcohol free skol
I decided to make an ‘alcohol free’ range of SKOL. I thought this was a very clever idea as it was aimed toward a more specific target audience than I had earlier set. This being teens who didn’t want to drink but at the same time wanted to seem like they were, usually due to peer pressure from friends.
With the magazine advertisements above I used a very subtle approach via various strap lines that related to the teen dilemma of not being able to buy alcohol in the shops due to them being under age. The target audience would be teenage boys that aren’t old enough to buy alcohol for themselves (boys because girls wouldn’t be able to pull the moustaches off - I think the boys would struggle enough alone).
Simple spin the bottle app that the teens could download and play on the streets. Whoever the bottle lands on has to down their Skol in one!