• SkinDeep
    A Satire on Cosmetic Surgery
  • The saying “beauty is only skin deep” alludes to physical beauty being purely superficial. Humanity’s drive for physical perfection through cosmetic surgery, injections, and topical creams and lotions only distances human beings from being human.

    Naturally "imperfect" men and women are slowly but surely morphing into artificially "perfect" monsters.
  • Visuals were inspired by vintage science fiction comics. Features popular statistics for male cosmetic surgery.
  • Visuals were inspired by vintage science fiction comics. Features popular statistics for female cosmetic surgery.
  •  Handcrafted flip books illustrating the transformation of an "imperfect" human into a "perfect" monster.
  •  Female flip book.
  • Male flip book. 
  • A play on the popular child's game "Operation". Likening cosmetic surgery to an alien autopsy.
  • Temporary facial tattoo takeaways.
  • Three variations of surgical monster mask takeaways.