Sketches for VitaPlus

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  • Sketches for VitaPlus
    Some sketches for packaging project
  • The project itself will be posted a little bit later.

    VitaPlus is a vitamin and mineral complex for children affected by diabetes.
    It's a student project on package design made at BHSAD (Moscow) Visual Communications course in 2011.

    It's a group project: Anastasia Gileva, Dmitry Bubnov, Natalia Maslova, Roman Strakhov.
    Course tutors: Leonid Slavin, Natalia Kuzmina.
    Consultations: Vassily Andreyev, Sergey Lelikov, Denis Eliseyev.

    Here's my own sketches for the project.
  • Photo for packaging template:
  • The initial name was “VitoPlus”:
  • But it was changed to “VitaPlus”