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Personal project: handmade sketchbooks_3
Living in New York, I miss my parents a lot in Wuhan, China.
One day I found in a book an electricity fee receipt that my dad paid back in 2005, and this thin piece of paper connects immediately to my old memory in hometown, and daily life with parents. I've been living away from home for more than six years, Hong Kong and then New York, and there isn't much about home I could carry.
Curiously, I started searching in my room for any visual clue to mum or dad, and there is few. A small Miss.Dior perfume Mum gave me as a gift, price tags for jade, and a sticker on package for a Chinese Purple Sand teapot. I put them together for the double cover sketchbook as a New Year gift, together with some museum tickets for art-lover dad, and a physical facial mask for mum, I hope she'll tear it off and use it. 
Front cover for mum.
Back cover for dad.
Electricity fee receipt, museum tickets, perfume sticker, price tags, cosmetic samplers, etc.