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A selection of sketches from several of my sketch books.
Sketch Samples
I love drawing.  Like any love relationship, there are those moments where drawing and I have to work through some difficulties and there are times that it is more fun than others, but I love it.  I do my best to always have a sketchbook on me wherever I go.  I sketch environments, people and many other things that I see, constantly seeking to improve my ability to draw and communicate visually.  One sketch discovery I'll share with you all is this: when you're the Designated Driver (something I do quite often), take a sketch book with you and get your friends to do blind contours of other bar patrons or each other throughout the night.  People who normally would be embarrassed to attempt to draw are usually more than happy to do so once they've had a couple of drinks and the drawings can be the source of a good many laughs.  See if you can pick out the blind contours from the bar.