Planning, Creation & Illustration // Red Bull Crossroad

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    // Red Bull Crossroad
  • Red Bull co. Project prospecting.

    I the used sketches to design and conduct a visual theme.

    These are only sketches to illustrate the creative concept of the project called: Redbull Crossroad.

    The first thing that came to my mind was: this has been done?
    After consulting with some guitarists friends, and several searches on google, I found nothing significant following the same logic. 

    [google search] 

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    Seeking to know if the Red Bull already did something similar, I found many events such as:

    Red Bull Tum Tum Pa 

    Red Bull Soap Box 

    Red Bull King Of The Rock
    The unique international one-on-one basketball tournament. Grand final on Alcatraz Island... "The Rock"

    Red Bull BC One
    Official Breakdance World Championship 

    Red Bull Metro Ride
    Downhill realized inside the Budapest Metro Red Bull Rampage 2010 

    Red Bull Paper Wings
    Which paper airplane stays in the air longer?

    SPONTANEOUS MEDIA,,OI5308656-EI17068,00-Tom+Cruise+testa+carro+da+Red+Bull+com+Coulthard+nos+EUA.html

    "The old songs are the best." Those musics with dust and beer smell. Musics that have been touched by calloused fingers, old and rusty strings, grooving with improvised percussion instruments like amatchboxes, cans of beans or bottle caps.

    These songs are played in the dark, with the eyes closed. People stop to listen and are mesmerized, traveling in a world of folk, blues and rock'n'roll. Whether white or black. Whether young or old, talent makes the old guitar in a magic staff that the catechizing unsuspecting. 

    Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll.

    Music has always been linked to life and happiness. But in its multiplicity dark, are reported the deaths of great artists and the stories of the link with evil forces.