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    Hi! We are Svilen - @spovv and Martina - @mip and we are @SM-artists. Our hobby is to create funny comics characters each with its own story. Some of our works we draw in color, but most of them are made with pen or pencil because we want to get back to the simple drawing tools, close to each of us. No need for special tools, preparations and expensive materials.
    Our idea is to publish a book/magazine including the first part of our drawings. It will be available in PDF format and on paper. We want to publish such a book every three months. It will include illustrations of characters, each with a short story. There will be interviews with two illustrators (chosen by us or by our followers in the social networks) who will tell us how they had made it to the point they're now, what inspires them, some advices to the beginner artists and much more.

    We want to show you some of our series with characters that we want to publish:

  • Headin
    Leader of the clan, very smart and strong header.
  • Assolinda
    Handles the sword well and has a strong ass.
  • Huntering
    Clever and a very good hunter.
  • Hammertion
    Very strong and handles the hammer well. Not very smart.
  • Shipen
    Captain of the ship, with a good sense of humor.
  • Cicolinda
    Bloodthirsty and ruthless to his enemies.
  • Pedro - " Do you want some bean? "
  • Donito
  • Gaza
  • Garon
  • Solomon
  • Bad Samurai
  • Keeper of rice
  • The city ruler
  • Geisha and the pimp
  • Personal security and personal driver of the city ruler and wife of the city ruler
  • Children of the city ruler
  • Butcher
  • “Just Smell It!” - 1
  • “Just Smell It!” - 2
  • “Just Smell It!” - 3
  • "The new icon style"
  • “Vector Rocket Icon”
  • "Searching may surprise you"
  • 5. More Characters Design
    We want to print more of our characters:
  • We still don't have the funds needed for the  publishing of this book. If you want you can help by clicking on the Donate or contact

    If you donate $10 we will send you 5 copies ( A4 print size) of some of the illustrations in this presentation of your choice.

    If you donate $20 we will send you a T-shirt (  you can see the t-shirt here ) with our illustration.

    Thank you and join our Facebook group.
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