Sketch 2010-2011

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  • Ye' Olde Sketchbook (2010-2011)
    Comprised of some dated material through the end of this year (2011).
  • A journey of sorts that has no end, no completion; An exploration of memory, sight, and imagination. I am a fiend for general ideas and conceptual design... looking forward to the completion aspect of this journey in the months to come...
  •  Van Morrison: 1/1.
          Being bored one day, I figured out that I could still use graphite as a medium.
    Pen has been such a staple over the past couple years that I've lost track of my
    love and needed to get back to graphite. Definitely refreshing my thirst for
    using the ol' Number 2.
  •  Broken Liberty Concept 1.
          Switching my medium to test my ability to adapt when making a
    mistake(s). Also working on my abilities to make
    said mistakes
    join into the back/foreground without being
    too large of an eyesore.

                                                                                                                                                          more to follow...
  • Cantona pencil drawing.
  •   Hyena = Bored with current sketchbook, looking to fill-in the rest and move on.
  •  Ink waves: Old sketchbook, found while looking for inspiration. Directly after, was inspired to
    procrastinate more...