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A self portrait to practice and hone my style of me skating.
A few weeks ago I was feeling a bit out of touch with my style. I was drawing a lot for a client and that style had sort of developed into its own. So I wanted to just go off and draw something else. I did some sketching and then went digital self portrait in a style I'm comfortable with. No textures just shapes. 
Below are some sketches and the way it evolved into this unfinished piece now. I have plans to take it into a little city I'm working on (see at the bottom)
You guys can see more progress I'll post on my dribbble account.
Make sure to click images to see em in full detail
Tattoo close up
1080p wallpaper
Detail of my Nike Janoskis
I start with a real rough sketch in a notebook with a pen usually
I take a photo with my iphone and bring it into photoshop, mess with the levels to get it clean
And start working with it in illustrator directly on top
I try to use a pretty basic color palette. I'll add more color later in photoshop if I decide its something I want to do
Workspace with some inspiration / photos for reference
Coming along quite nicely
I wanted a jagged edge, sort of cartoony but not too cute
I'm going to start on putting this into a cityscape in my spare time. Follow along to see it evolve on behance and dribbble