• Artwork for The Flow Store in San sebastian
  • Remember the days, when the rain was the clouds peeing? And if you ate the seeds of an apple, an appletree would grow in your stomach? Or the changes of the moon was caused by a man who was eating from it? God shooting lightning bolts at the kids from the sky? The monsters under your bed? Playing doctor?

    I do.
    The Kindergarten Legend is a series of skateboards created for LAB
  • LAB: Anatomi Series
  • Deck series for the good guys at LAB. The graphics are about the darker side of growing up and leaving childhood behind… or “Trading magic for facts” as Jeppevaernet puts it…
  • Streetmachine - grow series
  • Another series of graphics for the almighty and wonderful french/danish/american skatecompany.
    (for more info about streetmachine go here)
  • Did this series of graphics for the almighty and wonderfulfrench/danish/american skatecompany. If you are not a skateboarder,then you are probably not familiar with the relation between “pop” anda skatedeck. Buy a board and pop some ollies on your way to the office.Get it?
    these decks are the children of a great conceptual collaboration between me and the streetmachine team.
    (for more info about streetmachine go here)
  • Streetmachine - Whale Out Of Water: never used... triple bummer.
  • LAB - Birdie: Never used... bummer.
  • LAB - 25th Century Series:  Laser, Laser!