Magazine Project for Studio II, everyone in class picked a subject followed by "Like a Pro" for the headline.
My subject was Skateboarding, something I truly enjoy. This was the next step from the Symphony project with a main focus again on hierarchy and limiting design decisions.

- Headlines
- Experimental body text
- Putting it together

Headline Studies
Required to have the headline, a subhead, and bylines.
Photographed my skate shoes to create the headline with the laces completing "Like a Pro". For the Subhead i used a script typeface to match the laces.
For this headline my idea was the progression of skate wheels, the wheels, then bearings, lastly ball-bearings. This was full bleed and used illustrator to create the subhead.
This was another idea for a headline that I did not end up using. Created with a drill press and scroll saw to cut out the letterforms, Skate was based on Futura.

Experimental Body Text
Required to used all the latin text given for each spread and incorporate graphs in the text.
3 Column, Justified, Line spacing.
The pull quote and caption are part of the shoe and the graph is the lace rings.

5 Column, Left Align, Icon Paragraph Breaks
Baseline grid is on an angle trying to create a mega ramp feel.
7 Column, Asymmetrical, Indent
Skate wheels, graph built-in to the flow.

Putting it together
Using the first two parts to create cohesive magazine spreads.
Rephotographed the "Skate" skateboard for these final spreads, Brodovitch inspired text.
3 Column, Justified, Line Spacing
These spreads are more informational and straight forward. Simple concept of the shoes ties them together well, more image dominant than the last to spreads.
5 Column, Left Align, Indent