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Website and visual identity system for Norwegian musician Sivert Høyem
Sivert Høyem 
Website, Visual Identity and Live Album
Sivert Høyem is one of Norway's most credible and well known musicians, a veteran of the Norwegian rock scene and best know as the vocalist  of Madrugada. Soon after the break up of the band, Sivert embarked on a successful career as a solo artist, recording and performing internationally for over seven years. We were approached to revitalise his image, by creating a bold and consistent brand that was flexible and could be used in combination with various image styles and artwork, as well live on a variety of platforms (both digital and print.) The logo system uses a clean typographic approach to allow for a module system that adapts to different surfaces and layouts. The website uses a minimalist and rigid grid system, which allows for play using colour, type and image.
Creative Director/Senior Designer: Endre Berentzen 
Senior Designer/Art Director: Eric Amaral Rohter
Designer: Sindre Holm
Account Director/Senior Designer: Robert Dalen 
Live Photography: Morten Andersen