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A specially commissioned poster that celebrated Siobhan Chamberlain's 3 seasons of consecutive apprearances in the Women's Premier Leauge.
Siobhan Chamberlain is one of the Premier League's best goalkeepers. As a goalkeeper for Bristol Ladies, Chamberlain made history when she played every single minute of every game in the WFC since its inception in April 2011.
To celebrate this unbelievable achievement, Siobhan's boyfriend got in touch to commission a private project with the idea of creating a poster that displayed a visual overview of her 3780 minutes in the WPL.
Each match was represented by a circle, that included a small illustration which highlighted a memorable moment from each match. Circles with a green ring signified a win, the orange circles signified a draw and the red rings siginified a loss. The poster included a series of great moments, including a last minute equaliser, a penalty save and an unbelievable Istanbul style comback which saw the Bristol side win 4-3 after being 3-0 down against Doncaster Belles. The date of every match is included, as well as a minute counter that adds up each 90 minute appearance as the seasons developed.
After the completion of the poster, Chamberlain transfered to Arsenal Ladies as her career goes from strength to strength and its fair to suggest that her unbelievable achievement may never be matched again.