SinnSykShit business card

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  • SinnSykShit bussines card.
  • These business cards was designed by and for SinnSykShit. When assembled correctly, the cards
    fits together to form a whole motif. They are inspired from old football cards (etc.) you had as a kid
    when you wanted to collect all the different cards.

    The cards are all hand cut by the designer him self, which is a symbol of his dedication and
    passion for his work. This way the designer makes them more personal and the idea is based upon
    the fact that you actually hand out business cards all the time wherever you are. Being handcut, the
    SinnSykShit business cards can therefore be considered a small gift from the designer where he has
    actually used his time to hand cut and personalized each and one of them for the reciever!

    The illustration inside also represents the illustration style of the designer. Each of the three
    different cards has been dedicated to the three most recognizable styles derived from SinnSykShit.

    There only exists a total of 300 of these business cards.

    Photo: Desiree Bjordal