Comfort Hotel XPRESS #1

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  • Mural painted in the lobby at the brand new Comfort Hotel XPRESS in Oslo.
  • The brand new hotel in Oslo, Comfort Hotel XPRESS just opened (2011), and its concept is one of the coolestI have ever seen used by a hotel. They aim towards those who don't want to wear nice clothes in the lobby, and those who want to wear their Metalica T-Shirt and still fit in along with the staff. This hotel will be decorated with graffiti, street-art and other forms of art and murals, and the staff wears Converse shoes and band shirts at work as uniforms. I got in contact with the 24 year old hotel manager via Twitter (@sinnsykshit, @ComfortXPRESS) and hooked up a pretty sweat deal. I was allowed to paint whatever I wanted in their lobby.It was an offer to good to turn down, and this is the result. 

    There is a video of the whole process at the end.