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    robo promo shoot
  • I was asked to shoot a promotional piece for an up and coming band called Sinister Moustache. Their music takes a little bit of influence from old Nintendo games and old sci-fi films, and the guys have been using a mustachioed robot as their mascot for a while.
    They said they were really interested in trying to shoot something a little narrative, and try to incorporate evil robots if we could. They didn't want a standard studio shoot.
    So I got in touch with my friend Jackie Wu, a CG artist from London and asked if he'd be interested in modeling their mascot into something we could use in the photos. I also collaborated with another good friend of mine, Andy Hirsch, a sequential artist from Texas, who supplied me with some great storyboard sketches after I described my ideas to him. Working with both of these guys I was able to put my greatest strengths first (lighting and retouching/compositing) and produce something greater than I could have on my own.

    A behind the scenes video shot and edited by Chris Hannant can be seen here.