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School Project
Corporate Identity and Brand Manual 

This manual helps to create an effective and consistent corporate identity for the brand. All guidelines, rules and examples must be observed throughout, especially in the aspects of corporate and marketing communications. 

This logo was inspired by the idea of using heartbeat to show the excitement and enthusiasm from the future events in the sports hub that has yet to come. To make this heartbeat unique, the exterior shape of the sports hub was incorporate in it. After development of the logo was done, the overall design seems like a sophisticated signature and heartbeat that belongs to each individual that is here in the sports hub, in addition it represent what sports hub really is, a social space where sports, entertainment and lifestyle meet. 

The colours used in the logo also reflect on the social space which sports hub provide. Primary colours such as red symbolises passion, love and vigor for sports and orange symbolizes enthusiasm, happiness and fascination for entertainment while purple symbolizes power, luxury and royalty for lifestyle.