Since Day, Season 1 "Coast to Coast"

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  • Robert was approached by Sydney based lifestyle brand Since Day to create concepts for their first collection of clothing from t-shirts, crewneck sweaters, hoodies, tote bags and snapback caps. Since Day wanted an Australian street wear label that can stamp it's Australian heritage to the world.
    Season 1 was influenced by Australia and Los Angeles hence the name "Coast to Coast"
  • Logo Concept
    The idea of the "S Hook" as a logo symbolises the idea of catching dreams and ambitions like a fisherman catching its fish. Thats the principle Since Day was founded on.  
  • Suave 
    Since Day wanted to make a statement that it wanted portray a high end of cool. Suave is defined as charming, confident, and elegant. To make it a uniquely Since Day, Robert inverted the AUS in Australia's initials to spell SUAVE. 
  • Bandanarang
    A piece combining the bandana paisely pattern with one of the most iconic Australian items the boomerang.
  • Paper Chasers
    This piece is inspired by Australia's 100 dollar note. Robert illustrated a send up of the lyrebird that is on the corner of the $100 note.
  • Inspiration
  • Australia "Changing the Game, Since Day"
    Taking the twist of the Australian cliche of Kangaroos, the snake symbolises an attack of the cliche hence "Changing the Game".
  • Inspired by Australian landmarks that acn look like the Sydney Harbour Bridge being appropriate Since Day is a Sydney based brand, or Uluru (Ayers Rock). as you can see it fits perfectly on a cap.
  • Detailed Signature Logo