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  • Simulator is an iPhone app that help agencies and clients to find advertising mediums via map that
    matches their budget, target audience and industry using estimator tool.
    They can also have a live simulation of there ads and book the medium they want.
  • 12 App Screens
  • More screenshots, showing detailed UI design for each screen
    Splash screens, explaining what and how to use Estimator, Simulator and Locator features within the app
  • Main screen with company information and navigational menu for 6 different screens:
    Locator, Simulator, Estimator, News, Contact, Settings
  • Featuring latest advertising news by Promomedia, an out of home advertising agency
  • Estimator, help clients and agencies to suggest accurate locations and best mediums for their advertisement, depending on their input of the industry, budget, date range and target audience. Users can see those mediums as pins on the map and they can book them immediately via app feature
  • Locator. Upon your geo location, automatically the app shows you all mediums on the map where you can switch betweeen countries and filter mediums by colors, this feature help clients and agencies explore advertising mediums in their country
  • Simulator. Select your ad from the camera roll, and let simulator place on the medium you want, see your advertisement simulated before publishing. You can book the medium by requesting a quote or share it with your friends via email
  • Contact details and Settings options to control notifications
  • Check the below video, to see the interactions between screens
  • Thank you for watching.
    iOS Design - Art Direction by Mikha
    Agency: Novium Collective
    Client: Promo Media

    The application is now under development, stay tuned by following me @jokerboks

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