Simplify, then add Lightness. Social housing, Itri (I)

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  • Simplify. Then Add Lightness.
    "The Light House", Social housing competition, Itri (I), 2009. [Slideshow]
  • Alternative dwelling plans within the same structure and use of the service rooms on the gallery.
    From left to right and from top to bottom.
    1. Single mother with child: mother's room, children's niche, laundry on the service room.
    2. Large family or family with children from different marriages: semi-independent third room, service room as cellar.
    3. Couple with dependent parent or child: semi-independent second room, service room as workshop.
    4. Family with two children: service room as library.
    5. Couple with multiple precarious jobs: open space, service room as filing cabinet.
    6. SoHo or free-lance couple: open space, service room as atelier.
  • Cross section showing the relationship between the building and the sloping ground. The parking level is actually an open floor that blends with the gardens and contains the common services.
  • Situation plan showing the relationship with the town and the green areas
  • General plan
     Car access.  Pedestrian access. 1. Gardens. 2. Common open space. 3. Resting place with view on the creek. 4. Service alley. 5. Slope with grass. 6. Childrens playground. 
  • Parking level
  • Ground floor
  • Façades and longitudinal section