• 1894
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  • Simplicity:
    We (designers) attempt to simplify things, organize them, in an attempt to reconstruct the hectic and unpredictable world we live in (one project at a time). This piece is kind of self-reflection, and a response to the (relative) limitations of design, and art. Specifically modernism.

    The tension between the message & the process is particularly interesting to me.
  • A 19x19" panel. Mixed Media.¬†Font: Helvetica Neue¬†
  • The type was first laser cut from double-thick black letramax.
    Newspaper clippings of obituaries and relatively ridiculous stories were collaged on top, covering the entire surface (including the type that was cut away.) and painted over with a mixture of gesso and white acrylic paint.
  • I re-cut through the painted newspapers by hand with an x-acto knife. Then glass was mounted to the back of the panel, with black letramax behind it to make the type appear black. Then finally, position the counterforms of the letters and glue them to the glass.