Simple Touch

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  • Simple. Sleek. Superior.
    That's Lovely.

    For the 21st century mother, a simple touch is all it should take—no long-winded manuals in fifty languages, no button-bashing, and no time wasted. Simple Touch, S&R’s in-house brand of home appliances, makes it easy for the working woman.
    Simple Touch’s kettles, cookers and irons don’t get in the way when there’s business to do—but when the time comes, they’ll take a beating and still come out glistening.

    Simple Touch was a new brand; they needed us to give them an identity. We started with an organic-shaped logo to represent Simple Touch’s quintessential qualities: sleek, simple, and superior. For the product packaging, a clear information architecture and natural lifestyle photography sufficed—because simple done right works, and it’s plenty stylish. Product shots by Photokitchen Food completes the look.

    Simple Touch

    * Naming
    * Identity
    * Packaging