• S I M O N S I M O N
    Concept, logo, web and app design for a fictional Danish TV show
  • SimonSimon is a fictional nationwide Danish political TV and web-based concept with two well-known comedians as TV hosts; Simon Jul and Simon Kvamm.

    The idea behind the concept is to make Danish politics exciting for young people aged 18-30. It is based on small TV sposts of 8-12 minutes each, being shown between popular TV shows for young people and each must take up a current political topic for debate. Immediately after a TV spot has been shown, it will be published on the website and app and the debate will begin.

    The first section of the website presents all the TV spots and is connected to the hosts twitter profile with live updates. The second section shows a map with the route of Simon traveling randomly around in the outskirts of Denmark to present people's opinions.
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  • The SimonSimon app is handy when sitting in your couch wanting to give your views on a topic and contribute to the debate, but just don't bother to find the laptop or move yourself to the nearest computer. Your smartphone is always in your hand, and so is the SimonSimon debate.