Simon, Simon & Netstrømperne

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  • Simon, Simon & Netstrømperne
    Fictional schoolproject: Concept, logo and web design for a fictional tv show
  • Simon, Simon og netstrømperne is a fictional political TV show run by two danish guys – simon Jul and Simon Kvamm. The brief was to come up with the concept for the TV show and the website behind it. The target group is women aged 18-30. The idea behind the project is to make the target group more interested in and updated on politics.

    My idea was on one page to have a video page with videos from the show containing different kinds of clips. It should be possible to rate, share and comment on each video. On the other page it would be Simon and Simon posting small news from the political world. The news would have some kind of small twist and a humourous touch to them.

    The website is designed kind of as a single page layout, but the horisontal way, which lets you navigate between the pages both by using the menu and by clicking on the dimmed part.

  • Logo for the show
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  • Mouseover that also work as navigation to the next page.
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  • 1:1 of mouseover
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