Silver Jeans 2 x archive advertising campaigns (2011),

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    Archive images (from two 2011 campaigns)
  • The first of the Silver jeans campaigns that we cast was shot on location in Big Sur (for my sins, I found myself booked not just as the casting director, but as the location scout too!)... Unlike most jobs I work on, where I usually pop down to the shoot to make sure everyone is doing fine, I was booked to 'crowd control' the models during the trip to Northern California... this included getting up first, in order to wake up all the naughty, over-sleeping models!!

    The 2nd set of images (black & white) were taken from the LA shoot, a few months later then Big Sur; also photographed by Jason O'Dell, this time the cast of models included the wonderful Hannah Guest, who I 'found' in downtown LA the day before the casting!!  Needless to say the client, Michelle, LOVED her (as do all of us) and the number of picture in which she is featured, says it all!!