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  • We raised an unconventional publishing project.
    The basis of it was a text, taken from a novel, which should be reflected in our publication.
    Our text was an extract of 1984, a political novel of dystopian fiction written by George Orwell. This extract was a conversation between two characters on the "News Language" NewLanguage is just extremely simplified version of English and its role was merely dominate the thinking of people. The language becomes so severe that people have no means to desire or think about freedom.
    How to explain such profound significance in 16 pages?
    We started to investigate, discuss, debate ... until the conflict arose that led us.
    Two of us were discussing the meaning of the word "chair" for what one was an element representing the power, the authority, the "big brother" of our text, for the other was but one element to sit. And there was the key, Newspeak live and direct.
    So using this random object and using the first item that appears in our lives to learn, create an educational booklet that little educated, and which consisted of a lot of different pictures with the same name. Besides using these illustrations were doing a tour of important moments in the life of any person.
    An austere aesthetics, typography and simple illustrations of school helped capture the essence of the text.
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