Silk Screened Poster Series | Café Concerto

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    Posters for Café Concerto

    The client (CCVF) wanted to promote his Café Concerto
    space and events in a way that the public clearly understood
    their new programming and objectives. This space
    was refurbished to host experimental venues, unique in
    their content and form.

    As a solution to this problem, we present a
    unique design poster every month, limited to
    20 hand printed copies, that are framed and
    distributed trough the CCVF.

    Setembro Illustration José Cardoso (Salão Coboi)
    Julho Illustration Oscar Maia / Marcelo Oliveira
    Junho Illustration Oscar Maia
    Maio Illustration Oscar Maia / Marcelo Oliveira

    *From top to bottom