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  • Silk Route Brand Identity

  • Silk Route Escapes approached me to redesign their logo. It was a challenging and interesting project. I wanted to create a logo, which reflects India as well as strongly depicts travel and luxury. I presented two options after, month’s homework and research. The first option is the concept based on Airavata (a mythological elephant that carries the God Indra) and the second one is, inspired from Hamsa (Swan-vehicle of Goddess Saraswati in Indian myth). After the first presentation we decided to go with the route of Airavata, which is unique in form and concept. Elephant is one of the symbols, which can easily portray India, luxury and travel simultaneously. Most of the Indian kings had been used adorned elephants as their royal vehicle. And it is robustly associated with Indian culture and myth.

    It was a great experience working with Maneesha and team

    Silk Route Escapes
    Silk Route Escapes is an experiential travel outfitter based in New York and India, offering luxury, offbeat and custom-crafted expeditions through India. Maneesha Panicker, who heads Silk Route, is gifted with a discerning eye for the captivating and the unusual. She has traveled extensively across India and is a former New Yorker.

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