Silence - Pen and Ink Drawings by modern master Ghadge

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  • Silence
    Pen&Ink Drawings by Modern Master Ghadge
    SILENCE is a collection of works by Modern Master Ghadge that evokes an unmistakable feeling of Calm.Ghadge's more than three decade long career has been about his love for nature,his meticulous attention to intricate detailing&honest capturing of all that he sees around him in staid Black&White.Not everyone has the courage to let go of colors&use just a black pen &ink to express all of his emotions.Ghadge pours his soul in every single drawing he creates.
  • 24" X 36", Pen & Ink on Canvas
  • 30"X29", Pen & Ink on Canvas
  • 27"X27", Pen & Ink on Canvas
  • 36"X 24", Pen & Ink on Canvas
  • 48"X 15", Pen & Ink on Canvas
  • 43" X 29.5" Pen & Ink on canvas