Siha Gnet Demo Reel 2011- BS in Audio Production

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  • Siha Gnet | Bachelor of Science
    Producer | Audio Engineer | Writer

    I am a professional audio producer in which my goal is to provide your business and services with the best quality sound design, music composition, and aural quality.  As I work through the elements of aural aesthetics, my techniques in audio editing, mixing, designing, and producing are important to the overall quality of a product.  To keep the utmost professionalism and integrity between clients are avenues to a successful experience both for business and consumers.

    Between May-July 2012, I will be an active TV producer to Ian Ryan Interactive for a TV show called The Golf Scene. It airs on Comcast Sports Net in Illinois. My goal is to achieve the best content for the market that consumes this information in the most efficient and productive manner. Our clients are a valuable member to society and I believe, as the Producer and Project Manager, that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to communicate business ideas and services to the public freely.

  • I am also a musician who has extensive experience in digital and acoustical music compositions.  This song is a tribute to one of many inspirations, Andy Mckee. 

    The pictures you see below represents some activities I was a part of.  The first picture represent my playing on the J-Street Radio, a local radio channel in Lake County that advertises upcoming artists in Lake County.  I have also produced two music videos as an external activity combining students from different colleges interested in the field of media production.  I organized with The Illinois Institute of Art, Columbia College, and DePaul University.  I also work with other musicians build their music from scratch.  The studios and college instructors at The Art Institute helped me learn the majority of the standard technical and innovative creative skills in order to follow my own passion projects.  Please enjoy the music and demo reels displayed in this page.  Thank you for visiting.
  •  Siha Gnet

    BS in Audio Production