Signatur magazine

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  • A magazine about how unique corporate typefaces makes a brand stand out.
    In recent years, more and more Norwegian companies have commissioned custom designed typefaces for their visual profiles. That is, not only logotypes, but complete and functioning font sets that creates recognition for the brand. The fonts are used for ads, websites, annual reports and any printed and online material.
    The magazine Signatur explores the effect of corporate type as a deisgn element. It is written and designed as a school project at Westerdals in Oslo in 2013.
    • Type designer Erik Spiekermann on the value of corporate typefaces.
     Magnus Rakeng has designed type for Norway's two largest companies.
    • The new type foundry Monokrom wants to change Norwegian visual culture.
    • Christian Schwartz of Commercial Type builds editorial brands with type design.
    • Bruno Maag's life-long project is to drive Helvetica from the face of the Earth.
    • Spreads with examples of proprietary typefaces from different industries.
  • Read the magazine in its entirety here.