Signalnoise: Cycle
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Signalnoise Cycle poster created in the style of the Munich 1972 Olympic Games.
Signalnoise: Cycle poster
Created in the visual style of the Munich 1972 Olympics
Here’s a poster design that has been floating around my head and sketchbooks for about a year, so I decided to get it out and make it real. It was about time to realize this thing, so here it is. Signalnoise: Cycle.
The reference of this design is obviously Olympic posters created back in the 1970s, mainly the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. All of that work was created by Otl Aicher. I wanted to create something more simple then my usual work, and show some restraint in the color palette and texturing. A challenge to say the least, since I’m used to running hog wild through Photoshop and flinging lights all over the place.