Sierra Big Horn Awareness

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  • Infinite Collective is happy to announce a very special collaboration with artist Jane Kim at Ink-Dwell to create this limited edition, 3D printed, stainless steel keychain of a Sierra Bighorn Ram.  It was created as a reward for their Migrating Mural Kickstarter campaign. The Migrating Murals showcase migratory species, and the need to protect them, along major roads, towns, and cities in order to gain awareness and support.  Utilizing 3D printing technology, we were able to create a limited run of kickstarter rewards based on Jane's art, without the need for initial tooling or capital investment, which increased the ultimate donation to the cause.
  • Ink-Dwell created an original sketch for the project, and we chose to use the head area for the 3D print for its increased detail and character.  We collaborated to optimize the design for the 3D modeling and printing process.