Şiddetin Mitolojisi _ Mythology of Violence

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  • Mythology of Violence - Perusal of Violence in Cinema Over Six Directors
    The source book named "Mythology of Violence"  -which covers the concept of violence in cinema
    via six film directors and their films- was redesigned as a collection set containing six books. 
    All the books were decoupled in the unity of the set, by considering the characteristic features
    of the directors which were emphasized in the content.
    Different styles of folding and cutting techniques were used for separators and photography
    as decoupling design elements. 
  • David Lynch
    Folding refers to 'voyeurism' element of his cinema.
  • Quentin Tarantino
    Pictures revealing as you open up, refers to the 'allusions' of his cinema.
  • Oliver Stone
    Folding refers to the 'collage style' and 'fracture'.
  • Stanley Kubrick
    Folding refers to 'geometry' and 'dimension'.
  • Martin Scorsese
    The unfoldable picture represents the way he unveils the heroes' character gradually and skillfully.
  • Sergio Leone
    Folding refers to 'panaromic views' of his cinema.
  • Main logo refers to 'six' books in the set.