• Craft beer for the discerned

    Shwe Shwe is known as a traditional fabricwhich is used by various black cultures
    in South Africa and is today incorporatedin the fashion of young Urban men that
    portray the African street style trend. Inthis context, this Shwe Shwe beer is crafted
    for the black diamond target market men andthe focus age group is between the ages
    23 - 36 specifically the elite. The designis a more modern interpretation of shwe
    shwe and consists of the popular shapes andpatterns of shwe shwe fabric. Just like
    the urban target market might have atraditional background they are not traditional
    just like the design of Shwe shwe.

    The logo shwe shwe is only typography forthe reason the font used consists shwe
    shwe characteristics. Each label’s designdiffers in a unique way according to shwe
    shwe shapes. The colours are carefullychosen where tangerine is the colour of
    2012 (trendy), blue is one of thetraditional colours of shwe shwe fabrics and the
    specific green is worn a lot by thespecific target market. The executions consist of a
    logo, labels, packaging, In-storepromotion, promotion items, posters and a billboard.
    There are three labels for sorghum beerlight, medium and stout. The packaging
    contains triangular shapes that's andcolour which are unique in relation to other
    beer packaging in the market. In storepromotions are bar chair sticker saying "seat
    reserved for the discerned" and thereare three wallpaper designs. Promotional items
    are a free bow tie when one buys shwe shwebeer and a serviette when ordering
    shwe shwe in a restaurant. Posters of eachtype of shwe shwe beer are designed as
    well as a billboard.