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Showreel 2012

A collection of commercial and film work

Modeling of Environments and Elements – Milk towers, milk pipes, milk dispenser and fabric world

CIF – Dragon
Modeling and Texturing of Dragon

Mnet – Firefly
Painting of shader and texture maps for Firefly

Mnet – Ladybug
Painting of shader and texture maps for Ladybug and Catterpillar

Standard Bank
Modeling, Texturing and Rendering of various elements

Triggerfish Animation Studios Logo
Texturing of Room interior and Texturing of elements of valley

CIF – Kitchen
Modeling and Texturing of throne room and elements

CTrack – Always Visible
Modeling, Texturing and Animation of environments and elements

Aftershock (2010)
Modeling and Texturing of crane

All work completed at BlackGinger and Triggerfish Animation Studios