"Show Us Your Type - OFFF Barcelona" poster competition

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  • I took part to the "Show Us Your Type - OFFF Barcelona" competition, a contest organized by ShowUsYourType in collaboration with OFFF, one of the most important art, design and new media festivals that take place every year in Barcelona. The task was simply to design a poster with the words Offf - Barcelona - 2012. Having lived in Barcelona for a couple of years, I had collected quite a big amount of pictures, sketches and magazine cut-outs of all those beautiful modernist architectural details, wall art, tiles, mosaics and decorated ceilings the city is full of, so I decided to use them to create a number of patterns for each letter, in order to give the type the look of a mix of different art styles that co-exist together in the poster - like they co-exist in the various "Barrios" of Barcelona.
    The poster was selected as one of the three winners of the competition, and also exposed inside the Offf Festival among the other finalists.
    You can have a look at the whole ShowUsYourType project here: http://www.showusyourtype.com/OFFF_BARCELONA/#left