Show Reel 2012
    Hélène Ourabah
    Environment artist
     Sets modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing

    // Paradise alley set //
    Paradise alley is made with a multitude of buildings. I modeled and mapped a lot of them from photos of real models, created upstream. Then, I lit signs of my constructions.
    I also worked on the mapping of grounds, add dirt, pools of water, debris.
    I worked several months on lighting, rendering and composite the shots. In my showreel, you can see the different layers used (layers of rough, smoked, depth, zenithal light).
    // Tunnels set //
    I was in charge alone to model and map the tunnels leading to Paradise alley.
    // Organic world set //
    I modeled and mapped several houses of Minimoys and parcels of land. I also create hairs and debris on these lands.
     Sets modeling, texturing

    // Building destruction //
    I modeled some parts of the building, retouching the texture and I also made the simulation of destruction.
    // Industrial area //
    I was in charge alone of creating a Russian industrial zone in full 3D, in order to integrate behind the windows of the bus.
     camera calibration, animation, compositing

    I modeled briefly some of sets from photo shoot. I restore sets removing and replacing actors by mummies.
     Sets modeling, texturing, lighting

    I modeled and mapped sets (dunes, mountains, debris, ground...)