Shit Happens!

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  • As I go through life, I encounter many a great saying. Many a quote that moves me and changes the way I see things. However, my favourite quote of all time, is that of the World famous bumper sticker; “Shit Happens!”
    It never occurred to me whilst doing the first series of images, to include the saying as an image. It was only whilst explaining these fascinating creatures to my daughter, that the idea clicked. And the thought of the dung beetle came to mind. Dung beetles are an incredible creation of Mother Nature. They spend their lives gathering the waste products of large creatures, who roam the plains. Their task is to act as ‘garbage men’ to all animals.
    Now a connection jumped into my head, when I was considering the next image. Do these animals themselves worry about their own faeces ? Are they house proud creatures that mind over their own hygiene? So, an image formed in my head of a Dung beetle pushing a toilet roll instead of the usual dung, as respect to itself and the need to be clean.
    This was quite an easy image to produce, and the hardest aspect was to actually get the correct sheen on the shell of the beetle. It was attempted three times, and on review of several reference images, it was decided not to give such a dramatic shine on the shell.
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  • This is the beetle image during the rendering stage.