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Shinola is a WWII era shoe polish brand re-founded as a manufacturer of high quality consumer goods, all made in America. Handmade watches are their main focus. They built their own watch factory in Detroit with the capacity to make a half-million watches a year. They're also manufacturing high end bicycles and leather goods here in the U.S. After a successful launch, all signs point to a successful 2014 and beyond. This is a company that every American, at least every one that I've met, wants to succeed. I believe it will be a blueprint for how American manufacturing can not only survive, but thrive in the coming decades. I wrote their tagline and I was proud they were able to trademark it. I also worked closely with the company founders to create a brand voice that rolled out across print, OOH, and digital.

Agency: Partners & Spade
Creative directors: Anthony Sperduti and Griffin Creech
Copywriter: Griffin Creech
Below, a selection of brand print and out of home.
Below, The Shinola Book of Craft. A full-length photobook with accompanying text that chronicles the craft with which Shinola goods are made. And printed in the USA, of course.
Shorter books were also designed for each product line. I interviewed the craftspeople responsible for the production of Shinola goods, and chronicled the production step-by-step. 
Shinola Bicycle Book
Shinola Watch Book