• Earlier this year, Atelier Brückner approached the Emmy Award-winning creative production company Shilo to create an audiovisual installation for its new VIKING exhibition featuring Roskilde 6, the world's largest Viking ship.  Right away, Shilo creative director Tom Green knew it would be a project of epic proportions.
  • According to Green, from the beginning, Atelier Brückner envisioned a very hand-drawn approach which he said, "could really only be reproduced by painting each frame individually." As a result, this project involved a workflow unlike any in the past for Shilo. "We took aspects of traditional hand-drawn animation and modernized them with today's technology," Green explained.
  • The videos embedded here and the museum's dedicated site (http://bit.ly/Vikingir) provide tastes of the experience that's earning worldwide acclaim. A collaboration between Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen, British Museum, London, and Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Berlin, this traveling exhibition will appear at the National Museum in Denmark through 17 November, with next stops set for London and Berlin.
    Images courtesy of Shilo and Atelier Brückner.