The real progress of the human being exists in our minds, as we expand our understanding of the world around us and how we relate to it. Where cultures spread across several continents mark their history for a long time, mirroring each one a true sense for each one of us.
    The human being  always had the need to leave a footprint in this world, to evolve, to move, to live and build something else. A need that today we see anywhere we look. We evolved a lot since since our existence in this world, expressing our capabilities in all shapes and creating a civizacional and incredible world around us. We are still a being under construction, but we went through a long period in our history, looking today for the ups and downs that we, as humans,  suffered.
  • In recent years the importance of symbolism and meaning of architecture has gradually been recognized and valued. For the human, architecture has been one of the most expressive ways of his evolution, not only shown the power of his imagination, but also the need for a progress and a reach of new goals.
    The Human Being always dreamed of reaching the heavens, to get where we never thought to achieve. That dream was increasingly a reality when it comes to architecture, where we s
    ee skyscrapers with the size of mountains, buildings completely modern, aesthetically impossible in its construction, tearing the clouds as no one would have imagined a few years ago.
  • "Shift" is a photography project that shows a personal world, a minimalist alternative, a utopic vision of  architecture´s future that is inspired by the very own science fiction movies. With him I try to demonstrate the importance of architecture, and  it´s increasingly possible ways to break down our own barriers.
  • From the combination of several photographs of different buildings and their symmetry, I created a range of minimalist photomanipulation images that demonstrate a change and an evolution of an utopian architecture ("Shift").
  • Playing around  with these geometric and minimal forms, all coming together from nine different points of the image: The center, sides, corners, top and bottom. All such forms  arise together and make somekind of mosaic, and they all bind to photograph shooting through them, creating a mosaic pictures.

  • “Um ser humano é um ser que está constantemente “em construção”, mas também, em paralelo, sempre num estado de destruição constante.”

    "A human being is a being who is constantly 'under construction', but also, in parallel, always in a state of constant destruction."

    José Saramago
  • Photography by Hélder Santos
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