She Dreams in Mysterious Ways

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  • She Dreams in Mysterious Ways
    Oil and Acrylic on wood
  • I made the most out of my one week off from work by painting like a madwoman. I was able to complete a 22x14 oil and acrylic on wood in just a week, when normally this would take me a month to finish.
  • In case anybody is wondering, the white things floating above her head are the chemical structure for serotonin (happiness), dopamine (love), acetylcholine (dreams).
    Prints is available on my Society6 page:
  • The inspiration for the painting came about as a result of reading too many World War II history books documentaries. At one point, I was dreaming about the horrific events that transpired during the era. As with everything I do, the painting is open to interpretation; I only try to paint what I feel, not necessarily what I know.