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Shaslive city brand
Brand for a growing Ukrainian town
Well, this is maybe the one of the hardest works that we`ve done, mostly because of the client, and project has developed in 3 stages both of wich were pretty hard, and many obstacles were met, and this is why we have, what we have as a result.

Stage 1
Searching for a name
Well the main purpose of the first stage was to find a way to make the original name of the town understandable for all different kind of people, because it is hard to read or pronounce the word Schaslive, due to the differences in languaches, english doesn`t have the letter "Щ".
So we came up with two names, by simplyfying the original pronounciation and writing:
Shaslive and Chislive
Stage 2
Logos for a new name
Well some logos that we created for our new names
Stage 3
Final Logo
Well the client liked the idea when the letters are all in different colors and he saw the font on the nearby mall and also wanted a tree in the logo, so we have what we have, and yes it`s quite sad, that this is the final result after so good logso before it