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    Better Together
  • Share, a brand new TV, phone, and broadband provider, are launching with the hope of bringing people together. The branding for Share takes an old-fashioned approach, in an attempt to reintroduce the warmth and togetherness felt by past generations as they shared their first family radio or television. Technology used to be something special, bringing familes and friends together. Share intends to continue that tradition, because things will always be better together.
    A cental hub, entitled ‘My Share,’ will easily allow you to access and manage your favourite media content, whether uploaded, rented, or purchased. See what friends and family are watching, listening to, and sharing, by clicking on their proofile and viewing ‘Their Share.’
    Uploaded media can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, including a mobile phone.
    The logo is split into sections to signify the sharing nature of the brand. Each section represents a type of media, for example, music, movies, photos, and stories. These sections change in size, in real time on the website, depending on which type of media you share the most.